Six Famous People in Richardson, TX

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successful and famous people in Richardson

There are quite a several famous people in Richardson City thanks to its booming economy inside Dallas county. And that claim has some bearing since the rapid expansion of the area since the 2nd World War. The surge in population from a few hundred to the now more or less 100,000 residents in the city has certainly produced some of the biggest personalities the world has known. 

This article will look into 6 famous people in Richardson, TX, and illuminate some key points on why they made their mark. Stay tuned until the end!

Famous People from Richardson, Texas

Deborah Crombie

The first one on the list of famous people in Richardson, TX is a world-renowned writer for her amazing crime fiction novels. Deborah Crombie was born in Dallas, and it was in Richardson where she grew up. By the tender age of 4, she was already taught how to read by her grandma. An incredible feat for a child. 

Her academic life was not as perfect, she had been in and out in highschool until she finally finished her degree in Biology in Austin, Texas. Her career experienced an unusual shift when she left for England on a trip. This has cemented her career in writing.

To date, she has produced 18 novels in all. Some have garnered awards as best sellers by the New York Times and have won the same title in Germany for several releases.

Eddie Jackson

The 2nd of the list of famous people in Richardson, TX Eddie is currently an American Chef and formerly a football cornerback. Football and cooking might not be from the same ballpark but Eddie defied all odds. He was born around Richardson and has been playing football since college. 

He was a member of the University of Arkansas football team. Then drafted into the NFL where he played for 4 different teams. But passion went in the way and he chose to do what he loves more and that is cooking.

He joined the season 4 of MasterChef and was one of the longest-lasting competitors where he ranked 8th. After 2 years, he joined CBN Food Network Star and was declared the champion. Currently, he owns Rosehill Beer Garden where food trucks park. 

Jim Jacoby

James Oswald Jacoby was a long-time resident from the Richardson Area who died after 58 years. But the legacy he left behind marked him as one of the famous people in Richardson, TX.

Jim was a famous bridge player and a writer at the same time. He and his father were tandem in writing syndicated bridge columns for many years until the latter’s death. Along with his mother, Jim wrote the New York Times Book of Backgammon in 1973.

What cemented his name in the list of famous people in Richardson, TX is his incredible talent for contract bridge. Jim has won 16 national championships in total. He eventually was inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame in 1997.

Scott Turner

Another person on the list of famous people in Richardson, TX is Eric Scott Turner was another footballer who went through quite a shift in his career. Born in Richardson, TX, he played in the NFL for 9 seasons before becoming a full-fledged politician.

His career in politics began when he worked for a congressman during the off season. This has led him to test the waters before fully dipping into the sea of politics. He then began a career in motivational speaking where he also worked in a company called Systemware and is now director.

He was elected as a member of the 33rd House of Representatives in the district of Texas. And was later appointed by president Trump as the director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council.

Tracy Hutson

Tracy Hutson is an American TV Personality and famously known for her stints in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where she was the resident consultant for style and designs. Remained in the position until the show ended in 2012.

Tracy and her fellow personality in the abovementioned show joined together and formed a new reality TV show called Picker Sisters. She also produced her own show called Momtourage.

Lee Nguyen

Last, but not least, on the list of famous people in Richardson, TX is Lee Nguyen. He is the current midfielder of the Ho Chi Minh City soccer team. His passion for soccer began as a kid where he was named  National Gatorade Boys Soccer High School Player of the Year in 2005.

He moved from team to team in his professional career until he made his mark as a valuable player in Major League Soccer under the New England Revolution. Being the 5th best scorer in the league. 

Currently he plays internationally for Ho Chi Minh City in the V. League 1.